EcoWattle Installation on US 190 between Jasper and B.A. Steinhagen Lake, Jasper County, Texas
Customer: Installed by American Remediation Options for APAC

Over 20,000′ of 12″ x 10′ EcoWattle Originals were installed for perimeter protection on a shoulder expansion project on US 190 near Jasper, TX. The original specifications called for 18″ erosion control logs, but the Beaumont TxDot District engineers and the contractors knew from experience that 12″ EcoWattle Originals work better than 18″ straw, which was critical given that the project location is in sensitive wetlands near B. A. Steinhagen Lake. Note that the engineers required some overlap but not stakes.

EcoWattles work! EcoWattle – A Smarter Erosion and Sediment Control Wattle / Erosion and Sediment Control Log.

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