EcoWattle Installation – New Commercial Building, Tyler, TX
Customer: Oak Properties, Installed by Oak Properties

Note how clean the driveway and street are – EcoWattles are controlling sediment during two weeks of heavy rainfall in October 2009. And no unsightly silt fence needed. After use, this customer opted to improve the soil for landscaping by spreading the EcoWattle’s contents as mulch. EcoWattle – A Smarter Erosion and Sediment Control Wattle / Erosion and Sediment Control Log. (The visible sediment came from the unprotected areas.)

This is a series of photos taken of two properties on the same street in the Oak Hills development in Tyler, Texas on the second day of fairly heavy storms. The base property has EcoWattles on the perimeter, the adjoining property has silt fence. Note how the silt fence has filled with sediment and sediment is pouring into the street.

Look more carefully at the EcoWattle photos…..the sediment is like a glacier behind the EcoWattles. Look even more closely and you can see how little the dirt outside the EcoWattles is disturbed, once again showing how EcoWattles slow and disburse the water flow and keep the sediment on the site.

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