“EcoWattle Check Dam” – Erosion Control Logs in Place of Rock Filter Dams

No, we don’t supply Rock Filter Dams. And you don’t have to use rock to control storm water in a ditch or channel. Instead, you should use weed-free, wood-mulch-filled 12″ EcoWattle erosion control logs in a “Check Dam” configuration and stop having to try to safely and efficiently handle heavy and sharp rock in what TxDot calls Type 1 and Type 2 Rock Filter Dams (“RFDs”). 

We tested EcoWattles as a Check Dam to replace a Type 2 RFD. A. L. Helmcamp, a major roadway and bridge general contractor based in Buffalo, TX, helped us set up and perform the test.

EcoWattle erosion control logs were set up in the configuration shown in the video – 3 EcoWattles on the ground side-by-side and one EcoWattle on top of each (“3 x 2”), creating an “EcoWattle Check Dam” that is about 42″ deep and 20″ tall.

We dumped +/- 2,500 gallons over 10 minutes into a ditch with about a 2.5% slope. The water truck was 90′ from the EcoWattle Check Dam.

The EcoWattle Check Dam did exactly what it is supposed to do – the water ponded as it encountered the EcoWattle Check Dam and slowly worked its way through the EcoWattles. The ponding allowed the sediment to settle upstream and dramatically reduced the volume and speed of the downstream flow. The flow-through rate was sufficient to prevent over-topping and low enough there was little or no additional downstream erosion (channeling).

According to the very experienced A. L. Helmcamp project supervisor, a Type 2 Rock Filter Dam would not have performed better and possibly not as well. 

Using EcoWattle erosion control logs in a Check Dam configuration place of Rock Filter Dams (“RFDs”) dramatically lowers the material cost, the hassle and costs of installing and removing RFDs and the environmental impact of transporting, installing and removing them – especially removing.

Our thanks to Cliff, Nathan and Jason at A. L. Helmcamp

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EcoWattles are a superior erosion control log - also called erosion control wattle, filter sock. EcoWattles are also termed sediment control wattles or sediment control logs. EcoWattles are sediment control wattles / erosion control logs made with a wood mulch / wood chip core / fill material and UV degradable netting or natural (tencel) fiber fully biodegradable netting. Erosion control logs / erosion control wattles / sediment control logs / sediment control wattles with wood chip core offer superior performance compared to straw erosion control logs and sediment control logs / erosion control wattles, silt fence, hay bales and straw bales. EcoWattle is a superior erosion control log / erosion control wattle / sediment control wattle / sediment control log and is the smart choice for inlet protection, perimeters, streams, lakes and rivers. EcoWattles are erosion control logs / erosion control wattles / sediment control logs / sediment control wattles for controlling storm water runoff on road projects, commercial construction sites, residential construction sites, pipelines, well pads, mine reclamations and power plants.The use of an erosion control wattle / erosion control log / sediment control wattle / sediment control log is much preferred environmentally when compared to silt fence - the wattle / log not only works better but doesn't leave waste that needs to be disposed of at a land fill. EcoWattles are often compared to compost filter socks or erosion eels but are better sediment filters and are easier to handle. EcoWattle erosion control logs in a check dam configuration are a lower cost, safer alternative to Type 1 and Type 2 Rock Filter Dams