A Smarter Erosion and Sediment Control Wattle / Erosion and Sediment Control Log

  • EcoWattles - Old Omen Road #10
  • EcoWattles US 287 Inlet Protection  #5
  • EcoWattles cross channel at Biomass Power Plant #5
  • EcoWattles at Owens Elementary School
  • EcoWattles - Full Flatbed Trailer

Superior storm water erosion and sediment control wattles / erosion and sediment control logs for every construction site.

• EcoWattle “Originals” – Our hardwood mulch EcoWattles, perhaps the best degradable erosion control log on the market.

EcoWattle Originals are available in 12″ and 9″ diameters.
EcoWattles are available in rugged UV degradable PE netting and fast-degrading, all natural, wood fiber netting.
Now shipping 12″ EcoWattle Originals on standard 40″ x 48″ pallets – LTL and FTL.
Research shows Erosion Control Logs work better:
“… a study conducted by Ohio State University and published in the Journal of Environmental Quality concluded that … sock barriers (erosion control logs) have an average 50% greater hydraulic flow through rate, relative to silt fence, and that ponding height can be as much as 75% less for this technology relative to silt fence under similar runoff conditions…”
(CLICK HERE to read the article in Erosion Control Magazine)