A Smarter Erosion and Sediment Control Wattle / Erosion and Sediment Control Log

  • EcoWattles - Old Omen Road #10
  • EcoWattles US 287 Inlet Protection  #5
  • EcoWattles cross channel at Biomass Power Plant #5
  • EcoWattles at Owens Elementary School
  • EcoWattles - Full Flatbed Trailer

Superior storm water erosion and sediment control wattles / erosion and sediment control logs for every construction site.

• EcoWattle “Originals” – Our hardwood mulch EcoWattles, perhaps the best degradable erosion control log on the market.
• EcoWattle “Lites” – designed for harder-to-reach locations, filled with kiln-dried pine shavings.
EcoWattle Originals and EcoWattle Lites are available in 12″ and 9″ diameters.
All EcoWattles are available in rugged UV degradable PE netting and fast-degrading, all natural, wood fiber netting.
Research shows Erosion Control Logs work better:
“… a study conducted by Ohio State University and published in the Journal of Environmental Quality concluded that … sock barriers (erosion control logs) have an average 50% greater hydraulic flow through rate, relative to silt fence, and that ponding height can be as much as 75% less for this technology relative to silt fence under similar runoff conditions…”
(CLICK HERE to read the article in Erosion Control Magazine)